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AIR to Attend Aviation Homecoming

Monday, September 29th, 2014

New for this year, the Aircraft Owners and Pilot Association (AOPA) is hosting aviation fly-ins around the country to meet its members and to join pilots and aviation enthusiasts together. On Saturday, October 4th AOPA will have a homecoming celebration, bringing the fly-in back to Frederick Municipal Airport (KFDK) for the first time in five years.

The event takes off at 8:30am with a pancake breakfast (register here) and continues with a day of aircraft exhibits and free seminars. At 2:30pm AOPA president, Mark Baker, will conduct a Pilot Town Hall meeting. Other activities include flights in the EAA’s B-17 Flying Fortress (sign up here) and an aerobatic performance by Red Bull Air Race Champion pilot Michael Goulian. The event closes at 4pm.

Fun with Aviation Insurance Resources (AIR)

The aircraft insurance specialists at Aviation Insurance Resources (AIR) will have a booth and a cookout at the AOPA homecoming. Aviation plays an important role in the lives of the agents and pilots at AIR and those in the Frederick Home Office spend many a day flying (and hangar flying) out at KFDK.

All agents from the Frederick Home Office will be in attendance as well as Melissa McKinley, who manages the Bradford, Pennsylvania location. You can greet the agents at Booth #21 in the exhibitor tent next to AOPA headquarters from 9am to 4pm. AIR is also hosting a free cookout for new and prospective clients and friends at Hangar E7 from 11am to 2:30pm!

Make a weekend out of it

AIR and AOPA are based in the beautiful city of Frederick, MD. Historic downtown Frederick offers fantastic shopping, restaurants offering various culinary experiences and a strolls along a scenic creek and park. Frederick is also just under a 50 mile drive from Baltimore and Washington D.C. as well as only 20 miles from Harpers Ferry National Historical Park.

Flying in – Washington DC Special Flight Rules Area

Among the clouds there are many invisible boundaries that pilots must adhere to. Established for security concerns, special events, or even defining the rules of flight for airspace surrounding an airport, these boundaries are important to know about before each flight. One of the most widely known types of airspace is the Special Flight Rules Area, or SFRA, around the nation’s capital of Washington D.C. which plays a role when flying in the vicinity of FDK. You can learn more about the Washington D.C. SFRA here.

About AOPA

AOPA is the largest general aviation association in the world dedicated to protecting its members’ freedom to fly. AOPA member services include legal services, advice, educational events and advocacy work with the U.S. government. You may learn more about AOPA at

About Aviation Insurance Resources

Aviation Insurance Resources provides a full range of aircraft insurance and aviation insurance products to clients of all sizes. AIR represents all of the major insurance markets and offers the broadest package of protection and the best available rates. To learn more about the Aviation Insurance Resources, please call 877-247-7767 or visit today and receive an Aircraft insurance quote! You can also follow AIR on FacebookTwitterLinkedIn, and Google+.


Frederick Municipal Airport is Most Female Pilot Friendly Airport in the United States

Friday, April 12th, 2013

Frederick Municipal Airport is Most Female Pilot Friendly Airport in the United States

As part of Women of Aviation Worldwide Week 2013 – a celebration of women in aviation, past, present, and future held annually during the week of March 8 – Aviation Insurance Resources (AIR) sponsored Women Fly it Forward at the Frederick Municipal Airport. This was the third consecutive year that AIR has sponsored this great event, which like the 70 others like it worldwide, provides free flights to girls and women.

In 2011, the Frederick Municipal Airport provided 185 free flights, earning the distinction of being the “Most Female Pilot Friendly Airport Worldwide.” In 2012, despite providing 59 more free flights than the year before, the airport failed to reclaim its title, receiving first runner up titles as the “Most Female Pilot Friendly Airport in the United States” and the “Most Female Pilot Friendly Airport Worldwide.”

In 2013, at the Frederick Municipal Airport, pilots and volunteers provided 342 free flights throughout the week. This ranked the airport 4th worldwide and 1st in the United States, earning the Frederick Municipal Airport the distinction of being the “Most Female Pilot Friendly Airport in the United States.”

AIR will host an awards cookout on April 19, 2013 to honor this great accomplishment.

Women Fly it Forward: Frederick Municipal Airport is the “Most Female Pilot Friendly Airport in the United States”

“I am continuously impressed with the community at this airport and how they eagerly take on the challenge of introducing women to aviation,” said Victoria Zajko, event organizer and AIR employee. “I know Women Fly it Forward will continue to be a huge success.”

Victoria also serves as one of the board of directors for the Institute for Women of Aviation Worldwide  and is the U.S. Team Leader for Women Of Aviation Week. As part of her duties, she helped coordinate 23 other events throughout the U.S.

AIR is a Certified Female Friendly Business

At AIR, we not only provide a full range of aircraft insurance and aviation insurance products, but we also pride ourselves in our mission to help spread equality in the aviation industry. That is why we employ both male and female agents and pilots here to serve you and all of your aviation needs.

To find out more about Women Fly it Forward and Women Of Aviation Worldwide Week, please contact AIR by calling 877-247-7767 or visit today and receive a free Aircraft insurance quote! You can also follow us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Google+.