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How to get the best rate on your aircraft insurance in one easy step!

Monday, January 25th, 2016

Before purchasing an aircraft, most pilots complete a cost analysis to determine the annual expenses and sustainability of aircraft ownership. Lower aircraft expenses generally mean more time in the air for the Over Brunswick 2010-01-31pilot and ways to safely cut these costs are often pursued. While aircraft insurance is a smaller percentage of annual aircraft expenses, it is an area that is worth the extra research to reduce rates. One company takes the challenge out of finding the lowest rate for your aircraft insurance while maintaining the broadest package of protection.

Founded by two pilots in 1999, Aviation Insurance Resources (AIR) solicits quotations from the major underwriters that would be the most competitive for the type of flying you do and the coverages you require. AIR has since continued to grow and prides itself in the tagline “Pilots Protecting Pilots” as all our agents are also pilots and share a great passion for the aviation industry. AIR also has four locations across the United States to better serve you!

AIR specializes only in aviation insurance and can provide aviation insurance policies for:

Owners Aircraft Insurance (airplanes, rotorcraft, gyrocopters, gliders, light sport aircraft (LSA), seaplane, turbine, jet, very light jet (VLJ), experimental and standard category)

Renters Aircraft Insurance

Sport Pilot Insurance

Fixed Base Operator (FBO) Insurance

Flight School Insurance

Aircraft Charter Insurance

Aviation Premises Insurance

Aviation Products Insurance

Hangar Keepers Insurance

Workers’ Compensation

Hangar Insurance

UAV/UAS Insurance

Aerial Photography Insurance

Flying Club Insurance

Skydiving Insurance

…and more!


Serving our fellow pilots for over 17 years, AIR understands the budgeting needs of aircraft owners and aviation business operators. Call Aviation Insurance Resources (AIR) at 301-682-6200 or complete an online request to start saving today! You can also follow us on FacebookTwitterLinkedIn, and Google+.

Smartphone App Seeks to Improve UAV/UAS Safety

Tuesday, January 19th, 2016

The FAA estimates that over 30,000 unmanned aerial vehicles could be flying within the next ten years. With increased traffic in the skies, it is important that UAV/UAS operators remain vigilant and safe. B4UFLYWedding videographers and real estate agents are just two fields where drone use has become quite prevalent and where incidents have occurred. Line patrol, surveillance, agriculture and conservation add to the list of trades enhancing their businesses with UAV/UAS use. Without safety measures in place, a company’s future can be severely jeopardized if a suit were to be filed against them. Luckily, a smart phone app developed by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is now available to assist in safely operating your UAV or UAS.

B4UFLY is a simple application to help point the user to any restrictions within their area. B4UFLY contains a flight status indicator that pulls publicly available information from the FAA and alerts the user the status of the current location. For example, at the time of writing this blog in our headquarters in Frederick, MD the status alert was yellow: Use Caution and Check Restrictions. If you click the “other guidance button” the app alerts you to: Restricted airspace, airports within 5 miles, upcoming restrictions and any national parks that may be nearby. All this can be found by using the first tab, labeled “status”. Other indication colors are green and red to help determine your go/no-go deicison.

Three more tabs complete the B4UFLY app. The map tab shows airspace, much like a sectional chart and contains icons for airports and heliports in the area. There is also a flight planner tab where the user can enter a future location and/or date to receive information on an upcoming UAV launch. Finally, the “more” tab provides helpful links as well as lists of US airports, national parks and current Temporary Flight Restrictions (TFRs).

B4UFLY is currently available for iPhone devises and a Beta version went into testing for Android users on January 6th. Android users are encouraged to opt-in to participate in the beta test through the first quarter of 2016.

Aviation Insurance Resources (AIR) entered the UAV/UAS insurance market early, immediately ready to serve the needs of drone operators. UAV and UAS owners have been depending on AIR for superior customer service, insurance and aviation knowledge. With liability insurance from AIR and the help of the FAA’s B4UFLY smart phone application, UAV operators can invest in a safer future!

B4UFLY can be downloaded through the iOS app store and the beta version for Android users is available in Google Play. For more information on B4UFLY visit the FAA webpage on the application at: To learn more about unmanned aircraft insurance through AIR, please call us at 301-682-6200 or download our UAV and UAS application today! You can also follow us on FacebookTwitterLinkedIn, and Google+.

Aviation Manufacturer Product Liability

Monday, January 4th, 2016

While a majority of aircraft accidents are result of pilot error, occasionally a product defect is deemed the probable cause behind an aircraft accident or incident. Aircraft are intricate machines madeEngine up of thousands of parts, both stationary and moving. Besides large components such as the engine or landing gear, many small parts such as switches, valves, caps and even bolts can play a role in aircraft safety. If you supply or manufacture a component used in an aircraft, you may be held legally liable in the event of a claim. An aviation manufacturer product liability policy can protect your business’s financial interests.

Who may need product liability coverage?

Aircraft manufacturers, STC modification builders, avionics, instrument and interior manufactures are all at risk for product liability. If your company distributes or builds aircraft propellers, sheet metal, brakes, tires, lights, etc., it is important to look into product liability. Any business that is responsible for a component that ends up in an aircraft could be held liable in the event of a lawsuit.

Three types of risk

Not all aircraft products or manufacturers are alike. However, each share three types of risk in regards to their product:

Design defect – The complete line of products is inherently dangerous.

Manufacturing defect – The component falls short in being produced appropriately.

Failure to warn – The manufacture of the product did not provide substantial instructions and warnings on the correct use of the part.

Product Protection

An aviation manufacturer product liability policy will provide a defense in the case of property damage, bodily injury or the grounding of a fleet due to a product hazard. The aviation insurance specialists at Aviation Insurance Resources (AIR) are dedicated to protecting your business and its future. AIR will guide you through the insurance process to provide you with peace of mind as your company serves the aviation industry. To learn more about aviation manufacturer product liability policies through Aviation Insurance Resources call 877-247-7767 or visit us online at today!

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