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A variety of airplanes and rotorcraft soar through sky daily, piloted by individuals travelling from point A to point B. In the past decade, an increasing number of these aircraft are being controlled from the ground. They are Unmanned Aircraft Systems, also known as UAS or UAVs, and are the latest technology utilized in varying industries ranging from agriculture to surveillance. According to the FAA, within 10 years, the sky could be home to over 30,000 unmanned aircraft. As the popularity and list of uses for UAS and UAVs grow, so does the need to properly insure the aircraft for physical damage as well as the risk of liability.

For over 15 years, Aviation Insurance Resources (AIR) has been at the forefront of aircraft insurance. When sport pilot certificates were first introduced by the FAA, AIR was one of the first brokers to embrace light sport aircraft insurance market. Their proactive approach continues with the dawn of a new aviation age in the UAS and UAV industry.

To find out more about UAV and UAS insurance from Aviation Insurance Resources and to receive a free UAV insurance quote, please contact AIR by calling 877-247-7767.

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