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Aviation Insurance Resources to Attend Midwest LSA Expo

Wednesday, September 3rd, 2014

For three days each year, Mt. Vernon Outland Airport (MVN) in Mt. Vernon, IL becomes the mecca for light sport aircraft (LSA). September 4th through 6th marks the dates for the 6th annual Plane & Pilot Midwest LSA Expo inviting sport pilots, LSA manufacturers and aviation enthusiasts alike to enjoy informative workshops, light sport related exhibitors and enjoyable airport nightlife! Most of all, the entire event is FREE to attend and parking for cars and aircraft are free as well!

Aviation Insurance Resources (AIR) is delighted to attend this small but mighty expo again. You can meet AIR agent and pilot Gregg Ellsworth inside the expo exhibitor area.

“I enjoy exhibiting at the Midwest LSA Expo in Mt Vernon, IL.  I was the first exhibitor to register for this event and I have attended every year. The Airport Manager, Staff, Volunteers, and community are GREAT!   If you haven’t attended this show, I encourage you to attend. You won’t find a better place or opportunity to spend quality time with the aircraft dealers and exhibitors. If you’re thinking of buying a light sport aircraft or just curious….this is the event to attend.”

For more information on attending the Plane & Pilot Midwest LSA Expo, please visit their website at:

Light Sport Aircraft (LSA) Insurance from Aviation Insurance Resources

From the inception of light sport certification, AIR has been providing sport and more advanced rated pilots with light sport aircraft insurance policies with broad terms and at competitive premiums. AIR covers the insured every step of the way, offering builders risk policies during the constructions process regardless of pilot experience.

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AIR to Z: Zenith Aircraft Insurance

Wednesday, August 13th, 2014

zenithWith a resume that includes work on the Concorde jetliner and the Dash 7 commuter, aircraft designer Chris Heintz spent his time outside of work developing original kit aircraft of his own in his garage. These designs soon broke through into the aviation world as the Zenith Aircraft Company, offering diverse experimental and light sport (LSA) aircraft. To date, over 2,000 Zenith Aircraft kits have been sold and delivered.

Zenith Aircraft Models

STOL CH750 – Light Sport Utility

A side by side tri-gear aircraft featuring wrap around visibility and bush aircraft capabilities

Zenith CH750 Cruzer

The all metal “on airport” version of the STOL CH750 and an economical choice for cross country flights.


A light sport short take-off and landing (STOL) machine! Rotating speed can begin and 25mph and depart in only 90 feet.

Zenith 601 and Zenith CH650

A low wing in LSA in the Zodiac line of Zenith Aircraft, the CH601s and CH650s appeals to sport pilots looking for an affordable and sleek aircraft.

Zenith CH801-HD

A four seat “heavy duty” utility model of Zenith Aircraft featuring and 180 horsepower engine. The CH801-HD has been nicknamed the “Sky Jeep”.

The Zenith Aircraft Factory

Zenith kits have been known to be completed within only 400 hours. Builders looking to learn all about constructing their own Zenith can stop by the factory in Mexico, Missouri to learn all about building the STOL CH750, CH750 Cruzer, CH701 and CH650 aircraft. The factory also opens its doors for the annual Open Hangar Day and Zenith/Zodiac fly-in.

For more about the Zenith Aircraft Company visit their website at

Zenith Aircraft Insurance

Light sport aircraft are relatively new to the aviation industry. When it came time to insuring these aircraft, Aviation Insurance Resources (AIR) was at the forefront and one of the first in the industry to offer insurance on many LSA makes and models, from Czech Sportcruiser to Cubcrafters Carbon Cub to Flight Design CT, Evektor, Tecnam, Bristell, Cessna Skycatcher 162, BushCat, and of course, Zenith Aircraft. We offer several different insurance policies to help protect you and your aircraft.

Each year, AIR agent and pilot Gregg Ellsworth enjoys talking with sport pilots and Zenith airplane owners at the Midwest LSA expo in Mt. Vernon, IL and the U.S Sport Aviation Expo in Sebring, FL.

“While I insure most aviation risks, I like working with Zenith Aircraft builders and owners as well as other experimental kit aircraft makes and models.   I enjoy working with each builder/owner because every risk is unique and I take the time to ensure I understand their individual coverage needs from the start of construction, to first flight and beyond.  I work hard to provide the best premium and best coverage terms available.   I always l ask what engine they have installed in their bird along with if they have had any major modifications completed, such as the wing mod.”

Builders Risk Insurance

AIR also offers a builders and restorers insurance program, designed to protect the aircraft during the building or restoring stage regardless of pilot experience and qualifications. Customized with your needs in mind, this new insurance plan offers flexible liability and hull coverage options.

“As a friend of many aircraft builders and as a homebuilt owner myself, I cannot imagine the devastation of losing an aircraft mid-build,” said Jon Harden, president and founder of AIR. “Our affordable program is worth it just for the peace of mind.”

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Understanding Light Sport Aircraft

Thursday, January 2nd, 2014

by Victoria Neuville
From: Aviation Digest; January 2014

Excitement. Travel. Freedom. These are all words many pilots use to describe what it is like to fly. Today, there is a plethora of aircraft options tailored to fit these descriptions and the needs of each and every pilot. In 2004, the FAA added a new category of aircraft: Light Sport Aircraft, or LSA. By adding this category, a new genre of pilot certification was also introduced, the sport pilot. Reduced training minimums and removing medical requirements allowed many pilots to take to the air again, or for the first time. These breakthrough additions were not popular at first, but are gaining momentum now more than ever.

Inexpensive.  Advanced.  No medical required. These are some of the many reasons pilots list regarding their decision to purchase or rent a light sport aircraft. What qualifies as a light sport aircraft? The aircraft must meet several requirements to include: a two seat maximum, a maximum take-off weight of 1,320 pounds and a 45 knot clean (no flaps extended) stall speed. In addition, the aircraft must have a single, non-turbine engine and fixed landing gear. Requirements can differ for amphibious LSAs.

While several new models have entered production to specifically fit these requirements, many vintage and other standard category aircraft have also been able to squeeze into this category. Many Aeronca and Taylorcraft airplanes are able to fly under light sport rules. Another popular existing model is the Piper Cub.

LSA pilots, like the aircraft they fly, must meet certain requirements, although these are a bit more relaxed compared to the private pilot certificate. A major benefit to the sport pilot rating is that an aviation medical certificate is not required: A valid driver’s license will do. However, if you have been previously declined a medical by the FAA, you may not fly under sport pilot rules until the medical situation has been reviewed. In addition, the Code of Federal Regulations 61.23(b) states “a person shall not act as pilot in command, or in any other capacity as a required pilot flight crewmember, while that person knows or has reason to know of any medical condition that would make the person unable to operate the aircraft in a safe manner.” When in doubt if you are able to fly legally under sport pilot rules, consult your physician.

Earning a sport pilot certificate is cost effective as minimum flight training time for sport pilots is 20 hours, versus the 40 hours required for a private pilot. An FAA sport pilot knowledge test and practical exam are also required. However, a sport pilot certificate does have its limitations. All flights must be conducted in day visual flight rules (or VFR) conditions. Flights also cannot be performed for hire or for business use. Sport pilots wishing to become sport flight instructors must complete the fundamentals of instruction training and knowledge test, as well as a sport pilot instruction written test and practical flight. Additionally, they must have five hours experience in the make and model aircraft before giving dual instruction. Pilots who are already flight instructors may instruct in sport planes without any additional FAA requirements.

Ease. Experience. One call. With the dawn of the light sport market came the need for LSA specific insurance products. Aviation Insurance Resources (AIR) was quick to provide a variety of options to suit their needs.

Aircraft insurance is available on many levels for light sport aircraft. At a minimum coverage for bodily injury and proper damage is available, often known as “liability only”. For those wishing to protect the hull of the aircraft, physical damage is also available. There are several options available for the hull coverage, first being full, in-flight coverage. Others include ground-not-in-motion or ground and taxi only coverage.

These products can protect LSAs categorized as standard certified LSAs as well as amateur built (experimental) LSAs. For those constructing their own amateur built LSA or restoring a vintage classic, builders risk policies are available during the process, regardless of piloting experience. For those who chose to rent versus purchase their very own LSA, non-owned, or renters insurance, is also available and covers flying an LSA aircraft.

When contacting your insurance agent for a policy on an aircraft you own, it is helpful to have some information handy. First being aircraft information, such as N#, make and model, and the hull value you are considering. Next, flying history on the pilots that will be flying the aircraft is needed. This includes full names, age, and ratings. An estimate of flight times, specifically, time in the make and model of aircraft being insured and time flown in the last 12 months will also be requested.

Kyle Grim, the owner of a Rans S7 LSA recently stated, “I love my LSA’s unique capabilities and was impressed how easily AIR was able to understand what I need in insurance to ensure my piece of mind.”

To keep more cash in your wallet for avgas, there are several opportunities for insurance discounts.  Be sure to inform your agent if your aircraft is kept in a hangar at your airport base: Many times discounts are available for keeping it safely tucked away. Members of aviation organizations such as AOPA and EAA can also receive extra insurance perks and discounts through certain insurance carriers. Be sure to have your organization member number handy when shopping for an insurance quote. Some carriers offer up to 5% off non-owned coverage for those that complete a WINGS – Pilot Proficiency Program phase prior to their renewal. Others offer discounts on owned aircraft policies when a WINGS phase or annual recognized training is completed.

Whatever words you chose to use to describe your passion for flight or your type of aircraft, safety and peace of mind are words you cannot ignore. The agents at AIR will be happy to help you find an insurance package that is right for you as you navigate the new world of light sport aircraft so you can focus on the words that mean the most to you.



AIR offers a wide range of aircraft insurance options for aircraft of all makes and models, not just light sport! From experimental aircraft to standard aircraft, such as Cessna Aircraft, Beechcraft, and Cirrus Aircraft to Robinson Helicopters, builders risk insurance, and Corporate Aircraft. AIR works with ALL the major aviation insurance markets and can help you find aircraft insurance discounts.


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AIR Insurance Policies at Fourth Annual Midwest LSA Expo

Thursday, September 6th, 2012

This September, from Thursday the 6th through Saturday, the 8th, Aviation Insurance Resources’s (AIR’s) very own Gregg Ellsworth, our Regional Representative, will be attending the 4th Annual Midwest LSA Expo in Mt. Vernon, Illinois – an event organized to sell Light Sport Aircraft, LSA Ancillary Services, and LSA related services.

Ellsworth will be available at the event to talk with clients about LSA insurance, and to provide comprehensive run-downs on what AIR’s policies include.

Here at AIR, we know that building and restoring aircrafts is a substantial investment of time, dedication, and labor. Plane construction enthusiasts as well as pilot hobbyists rightfully derive immense gratification from their work and yearn to start their engines and take off into the great blue abyss with their newly completed aircraft. In the excitement of so doing, practical matters like insurance coverage are often tossed to the wayside.

Many aircraft construction projects begin at home, but they are not covered by homeowner’s insurance. Stored in hangars during assembly, they may be susceptible to flood and storm damage. Ground risk hull insurance – for when your plane is not in motion – protects your aircraft from the aforementioned liabilities, in addition to fire, theft, animal damage, wind damage, hangar collapse, and more.

Aviation Insurance Resources (AIR) recently launched a builders and restorers insurance policy. Customized with the builder’s needs in mind, the new insurance plan through AIR offers flexible liability and hull coverage options. The policy is designed to protect the aircraft during the building or restoring stage regardless of pilot experience and qualifications.

If you’re attending this week’s Midwest LSA Expo, don’t forget to stop off and meet Gregg Ellsworth and learn more about AIR’s services to pilots and those with a passion for flight. We’ll be sure to help you take wing.

If you have any questions, please contact Aviation Insurance Resources by calling 877-247-7767 or visit today!

Aviation Insurance Resource specializes in a full range of aircraft, airplane & airport insurance to clients of all sizes. We are licensed in all 50 states. Get a free Aircraft insurance quote or contact us at 877-247-7767 for more information.

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