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Van’s RV Aircraft Insurance

Wednesday, June 19th, 2013

Van’s RV Aircraft InsuranceFounded by Richard “Van” VanGrunsven in 1973, Van’s Aircraft, an American kit aircraft manufacturer, is most famous for its RV Aircraft series, one of the most popular homebuilt aircraft around. In fact, by the end of 2012, 8,000 RV kits had been completed and flown, with thousands more still under construction.

RV Aircraft Series

It all started with the RV-1 in 1965, when VanGrunsven modified the Stots SA-3 Playboy with a 125hp Lycoming engine. He also modified the wings, cowling and fuselage. A sailplane, the RV-2 prototype soon followed.

The first RV available for sale was the RV-3. It was single seat and renowned for its climb rate. Making room for a passenger, the RV-4 followed as a two seat tandem version of the RV-3. As the demand for RVs grew, more models were produced. The RV-5 went back to a single seat whereas the RV-6 introduced 2 seats side by side. The RV-7, 8 and 9 were made as improved versions of earlier RV models.

The first flight of the RV-10 prototype was in 2003. Many more were quickly built as pilots discovered its excellent performance and ability to carry four adults and 60 pounds of baggage.

As the RV-11 motorglider is still in the development phase, the RV-12 and 14 have hit the market. The RV-12 is Van’s Aircraft first Light Sport Aircraft, featuring wings that can be easily removed in about five minutes. Years of aircraft experience helped create the RV-14 that debuted in 2012. Van’s Aircraft boasted a quicker build time for this model and 193mph cruise speed.

Builder’s Risk Insurance

Nothing beats the feeling of someday flying an aircraft that you built yourself. But building an aircraft is also a lot of work, requiring both time and dedication. And between the hours of hard work and tough choices you will have to make, insurance coverage typically gets forgotten or ignored. But what happens if disaster strikes mid-build?

“As a friend of many aircraft builders and as a homebuilt owner myself, I can only imagine the devastation of losing an aircraft mid-build,” said Jon Harden, president and founder of Aviation Insurance Resources (AIR). “Our affordable program is worth it just for the peace of mind.”

Van’s RV Aircraft Insurance from Aviation Insurance Resources (AIR)

AIR offers a wide range of aircraft insurance options for aircraft of all makes and models, from Cessna Aircraft, Beechcraft, and Cirrus Aircraft to Robinson Helicopters, Piper Cubs, and, of course Van’s RV Aircraft. AIR offers competitive insurance for all models of Van’s aircraft with various pilot experience. We offer Light Sport Aircraft Insurance as well as builders risk insurance while you are building your RV aircraft. AIR can offer you the broadest package of protection at the best available rates. We represent all of the major aviation insurance markets and are licensed in all 50 states.

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