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AIR is a founding member of the Institute for Women of Aviation Worldwide

Friday, November 9th, 2012

Aviation Insurance Resources (AIR) is proud to announce that we are a founding member of the new not-for-profit, the Institute for Women of Aviation Worldwide. But not only that, AIR’s very own Victoria Neuville Zajko is on the board of directors.

About the Institute for Women of Aviation Worldwide

Incorporated in September of this year, the Institute for Women in Aviation Worldwide (iWOAW) is a not-for-profit association seeking to foster diversity and thus growth in the air and space industry. iWOAW accomplishes this through with research and creative, innovative, and rewarding education programs aimed at facilitating the integration of women in what has been a historically male dominated industry.

“While the air and space industry is a technological leader, it has fallen behind most other industries when it comes to social advancements. It is iWOAW’s mission to lead the industry to not only catch up but also surpass other industries in that sector,” said Mireille Goyer, Founder of the Institute for Women Of Aviation Worldwide.

Today, in an era where the percentage of female doctors, lawyers, and police officers is on the rise, around 25%, the percentage of female pilots remains relatively low, around 6%. iWOAW is leading the shift to a more diverse air and space industry where men and women will thrive in harmony and parity!

Interested in joining iWOAW? Membership is available to businesses, associations, and foundations interested in furthering the Institute for Women of Aviation’s purposes.

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