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Aviation Insurance Resources Representative Attends Sentimental Journey

Wednesday, July 10th, 2013

Sentimental Journey“Kiss the ground the Piper J-3 was built on.”

Aviation Insurance Resources (AIR) regional representative Jon Shimer recently attended the 28th Annual Sentimental Journey to Cub Haven Fly-in at the William P. Piper airport in Lock Haven, Pennsylvania from June 20th through the 23rd. The featured plane for 2013 is the Piper PA-18 Super Cub.

Shimer has been flying since 1979 and the Piper Cub quickly became one of his favorites. He has flown over 50 models of aircraft, including over 300 hours in Piper Cubs. He was excited to gain more Cub time during Sentimental Journey.

“I got to fly a 1936 Taylor J-2 with a Single Blade Prop,” explained Shimer. “I also flew the 1944 Taylorcraft DCO-65 L2-M in the Bomb drop.”

The Sentimental Journey Fly-in also featured educational forums, static displays, food vendors, exhibitors, flying contests, poker run, local fly-out destinations, camping, movies, airplane and helicopter rides, and live entertainment, featuring the Alabama Boys.

“I then was invited to announce as a comedian as “Forrest Gump” in the Alabama Boys with Greg Koontz Airshows on Friday and Saturday,” added Shimer.

Click HERE for a detailed schedule of Sentimental Journey activities

As we mentioned earlier, the 2013 featured plane was the Piper PA-18 Super Cub. Of course, all makes & models were welcome at the event.

A Slideshow of the Many Planes at the 2013 Sentimental Journey at Lock Haven

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