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An Insurance Solution for Seaplane Renters

Thursday, March 26th, 2015

An_Insurance_Solution_For_Seaplane_RentersFilling a void that has long been an issue, a premier partnership between Aviation Insurance Resources (AIR) with Starr Aviation introduces the NEW Seaplane Non-Owners coverage!

Available for both personal use and for flight instructors, this program covering fixed wing single engine non-pressurized seaplane aircraft is offered nowhere else! A perfect product for seaplane training and rental operations, this seaplane renters insurance protects both parties from potential financial loss.

As pilots and current aircraft renters and borrowers themselves, Aviation Insurance Resources (AIR) understands the value of non-owned aircraft insurance. That’s why they’ve provided a quick and easy way for flight schools to offer their renters and pilots to obtain renters insurance. AIR strives to provide the best policy at the best premium in every situation and the new AIR and Starr Non Owned Seaplane policy checks all of those boxes. AIR has also partnered with Starr to offer personal non-owned aircraft liability protection in standard, experimental, multi-engine and helicopter aircraft as well as an exclusive SAFE CFI policy program.

About Starr Aviation

With each team member, on average, enjoying over 15 years of aviation insurance experience, Starr Aviation is highly competent, allowing them to be a major provider of insurance for varying aircraft hull & liability risks. Starr offers comprehensive coverage for an extensive range of aircraft hull and liability exposure and their experienced underwriters develop programs tailored to each of these specific risks, including fixed and rotor wing aircraft for both commercial and corporate operations. To learn more about Starr Companies, visit them online at:

About Aviation Insurance Resources (AIR)

As they enter their 17th year of serving the aviation community, AIR continues to provide a full range of aircraft insurance and aviation insurance products to clients of all sizes, providing them with the best rates at the broadest coverages available. Talk to an AIR pilot today! For more information on Aviation Insurance Resources, visit them online at:

Depart for a Seaplane Adventure with the Jones Brothers and AIR

Tuesday, April 29th, 2014
Jones Brothers

President of AIR Jon Harden checks out the TwinBee

On the dawn of their grandfather’s 100th birthday the Jones brothers (Henry and Walton Jones) decided they had to honor their grandfather’s legacy in an immense way. After hunting for the perfect spot to launch their new dream, the Jones brothers landed in Tavares, FL which has been also rumored to contain a fountain of youth. Whether an individual travels to the seaplane base for an aerial tour, training or to take a curious sip from the waters, the Jones Brothers & Co is the place to depart for a seaplane adventure!

Aviation Insurance Resources (AIR) has had the honor of writing the Jones Brothers insurance policies since 2013. As pilots themselves, AIR insurance agents understand the importance ofproperly insuring a seaplane base while keeping in mind the fun the tour operator brings to tourists and pilots alike. AIR agents were excited to check out the TwinBee the Jones Brothers do multi-engine seaplane training in at the recent SUN n’ FUN Fly–In at the seaplane base at Fantasy of Flight in Polk City, FL. In addition to the TwinBee, the brothers have a Cessna 150, Cessna 180 and Cessna 185 in their fleet.

Whether offering romantic getaway packages or tours over central Florida and the Lake of the Ozarks, the crew at Jones Brothers & Co Air & Seaplane adventures can rest assured their insurance is in capable hands-and you can, too!

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SUN ‘n FUN and Insurance, too!

Friday, April 4th, 2014

Aviation Insurance Resources (AIR) agents have landed in SUN ‘n FUN ready to take in the sights and sounds of all things aviation. President Jon Harden and Regional Vice President Joe Cacho are on the grounds at Lakeland-Linder Airport interacting with clients and aviation friends alike. If you are presently attending the 40th annual SUN ‘n FUN, be sure to tell them “hi”.

Yesterday morning, AIR sponsored the Society of Aviation and Flight Educators (S.A.F.E) breakfast. S.A.F.E is an organization of aviation educators, formed to ensure that the individuals teaching future aviators are exceeding professional and industry standards. Many industry leaders attended the breakfast, getting their SUN ‘n FUN day off to the right start.

Together with S.A.F.E., AIR created a new comprehensive insurance plan for flight instructors exclusive to S.A.F.E members. Coverage is extended for “negligent instruction” for an occurrence during the policy including any dual flight instruction, flight review or checkride you perform. “Negligent instruction” also applies to ground instruction given by you. Insurance premiums through the S.A.F.E program are surprisingly affordable and special cumulative aviation insurance discounts up to 20% are available for qualified applicants!

Jon and Joe spent the remainder of the day at the SUN ‘n FUN Splash-In at Fantasy of Flight on Lake Agnes. There, they congratulated a flight school that AIR has insured since its inception, Vermont Flight Academy, on their newly donated Twin Bee.

The Vermont Flight Academy has a partnership with the Vermont Technical College, offering a four-year bachelor degree in aviation. With the Twin Bee, the flight school now has 17 aircraft in their fleet along with 15 certified flight instructors. President of AIR, Jon Harden earned his seaplane rating through the Vermont Flight Academy and plans to travel back to get his multi-seaplane rating in the new Twin Bee.

AIR offers a wide range of aircraft insurance options for aircraft of all makes and models, from seaplanes to helicopters. AIR fulfills the needs of those who rent aircraft as well through non-owned aircraft insurance and covers Certified Flight Instructors through polices like the S.A.F.E CFI program.

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