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The Top 9 Easiest Aircraft to Insure

Tuesday, March 20th, 2018

Aircraft insurance is in a class of its own. A great diversity between pilot backgrounds and category and class of aircraft factor into the policy’s final premium. The main influence in setting these rates will be the hull value of the aircraft and the pilot experience. Let’s look at the top 9 easiest aircraft to insure:

New Pilots – Many of your typical trainer aircraft receive preferred rates. These aircraft are vast in numbers, have easy access to parts, and are sturdy enough to handle consistent hard landings from a student pilot.

  1. Cessna 150/152

The Cessna 150 series is a staple for beginning aviators. These 2-seat aircraft are cheaper to rent and even easier to insure. The Cessna 150 is a budget friendly choice for any pilot when comparing their hull value and annual insurance rates.

  1. Cessna 172

A lot roomier than its little brother the Cessna 150, the Cessna 172 is a 4-seat reliable trainer and personal plane. For older model Cessnas it is quite easy to obtain Cessna aircraft insurance for under $1,000 annually.

  1. Cessna 182

For over 60 years the Cessna 182 Skylane has been a top choice for aircraft owners. Featuring a 230-horsepower engine the Cessna 182 provides everything pilots love about the Cessna 172 with a bit more bark.

  1. Piper PA28-140, 150, 151, 160, 161, 180, 181

Where Cessna has their 150s and 172s, Piper Aircraft created the PA28 series. Cherokee, Warrior and Archer insurance rates have remained low and prove to be an affordable aircraft to insure.

  1. Piper PA32

Essentially a six-seat version of a PA28, underwriters usually prefer to see an instrument rating and more time for this aircraft. However, even without an instrument rating Piper Cherokee Sixes have quite competitive insurance rates.

Advanced Pilots – Pilots with a bit more time in their logbook and an instrument rating out of their way may be looking for a more cross-country-friendly, all weather aircraft.

  1. Mooney

The popular Mooney M20 aircraft series was developed in the 1950’s. This fast, affordable, 4-seat, retractable gear aircraft is a must-have among pilots making frequent long trips.

  1. Beech Bonanza

Beech Bonanza insurance is a frequent request. Ranging from 4 to 6 seats the single engine Bonanza has been made in many varieties but maintains its place as one of the best-selling aircraft for pilots looking for a little bit more.

  1. Piper Arrow

The Piper Arrow is a retractable gear version of the PA28 series and frequently found as a commercial pilot trainer. While insurance rates are commonly higher on retractable gear aircraft when compared to fixed gear, pilots find Piper Arrow insurance premiums to be very reasonable.

  1. Cirrus

This one may shock most people, as Cirrus got a bad rap insurance-wise for quite some time. While they remain high value aircraft, competition in the industry and improved training programs have brought Cirrus insurance rates down.

Aircraft insurance is not one size fits all. Many pilots purchase a more advanced aircraft as student pilots versus going through the transition period. A low time or student pilot often can obtain insurance for advanced aircraft; it just may be at a higher rate with specific training stipulations. The list leaves out many popular certified aircraft such as the retractable gear Skylane, the Cessna Cardinal, the Piper Lance and does not begin to cover the many varieties of homebuilt aircraft! This is a general list of the most common planes that result in a quick and competitive aircraft insurance quotation.

The key is to purchase your aircraft insurance from a pilot and aviation insurance agent you trust like those at Aviation Insurance Resources (AIR). No matter the make and model of aircraft to be insured, AIR shops all the major aviation insurance markets to obtain the best rates with the broadest coverage available. Call 877-247-7767 or request a quote online to obtain an aircraft insurance quote from AIR today!


Piper Aircraft Insurance (Malibu, Mirage, Meridian, Matrix or M-series)

Tuesday, December 15th, 2015
Piper M600

Piper M600 aircraft Image from

When talking about general aviation aircraft, one brand immediately comes to mind: Piper Aircraft, Inc. With roots extending back almost 90 years, Piper Aircraft has continued to be a pilot favorite. The new Piper M-Class aircraft series now offers pilots a six seat single engine aircraft with all the bells and whistles.

The M-Series has been a process of evolution for Piper Aircraft, starting with the pressurized, 310 horsepower Piper Malibu in the 80s. A few years later, the turbocharged Malibu Mirage took form with a newly designed wing and 40 additional horsepower. An unpressurized, turbocharged version was also produced under the name Piper Matrix. For those looking for more power and efficiency, a turbine engine after-market conversion for the Malibu and Malibu Mirage called the JetPROP DL and DLX are available through Rocket Engineering.

The latest step in evolution of the Piper series includes improved safety and the latest in Garmin technology. Essentially an improved Mirage featuring a 350 hp Lycoming engine, the Piper M350 boasts anti-hypoxia tools and cruises at 213 knots. Building upon the Meridian line, the Piper M500 is a single engine turboprop with an updated G1000 panel, a 500hp Pratt & Whitney engine and cruises at 260 knots.

Topping off the series is the M600. The Piper M600 includes anti-hypoxia tools and 100 extra gallons of fuel, making it an excellent cross country machine with a range of 1,300 nautical miles and a service ceiling of 30,000 feet. The clean avionics panel includes a Garmin 3000 suite with two 12.1-inch PFDs and a 12.1-inch MFD. All M-series aircraft feature synthetic vision, automatic level mode, coupled go-around and underspeed protection providing not only increase safety, but peace of mind.

Aviation Insurance Resources (AIR) can offer you the broadest package of protection at the best available rate for your Piper Malibu, Mirage, Meridian, Matrix or M-series aircraft Insurance! As fellow aircraft owners, AIR understands your needs and challenges in owning an aircraft. If you are a current or prospective Piper owner, AIR can assist with your insurance needs!

To learn more about how Aviation Insurance Resources can assist you with your Piper Aircraft insurance, please call 301-682-6200 today! You may also visit AIR and request your insurance quote online!