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For Immediate Release: Jim Smith Joins AIR

Friday, December 7th, 2012

For immediate release

Aviation Insurance Resources
PO Box 32
Frederick Municipal Airport
Frederick, MD 21705
Ph: (877) 247-7769
Fax: (301) 682-9793

Jim Smith has joined Aviation Insurance Resources (AIR) as the Mid-West Regional Manager.

Jim started flying before he could drive a car, when his mother dropped him off at the local airport for his lesson. He became the youngest pilot in Marysville, OH at age 17 and went on to major in Aviation Technology and A&P from LeTourneau University, Longview TX.

Jim has been in the aviation insurance business for 26 years as both an agent and underwriter for companies such as Avemco, USAIG and Allianz.  He holds an ATP, Multi-Engine, IFR and Hawker Type Rating with experience flying a Conquest, King Air and Hawker 400.

Jim understands aviation and insurance from the grass roots up: from the transitioning pilot to multi-engine piston, turbine and jet aircraft. He also knows the business side with product/general liability, workers compensation, manufacturer products liability and airline operators.

Jim lives in Rockford Illinois with his wife Cheri and their 4 children, Jack, Kate, James & Meg.