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AIR Assists with Air Ambulance Insurance

Wednesday, May 20th, 2015

Each day, numerous aircraft provide lifesaving medical transports. Air ambulances transfer individuals out of dangerous situations and direct to a hospital for medical treatment as well as provide comfortable transport for non-emergency patients that require specific care. The NTSB estimates that over 4.3 million individuals have been transported by this method since 1972.

According to the FAA, around 1,515 helicopters are operated by air ambulance companies in the United States. These rotorcraft perform around 400,000 transports each year compared to about 150,000 performed by fixed wing aircraft. With industry growth more than tripling since the 1980’s, helicopters have become the hastiest way to save an individual’s life in the case of a medical emergency.

Around one third of rotorcraft in the global market are produced by Airbus Eurocopter. Commonly used for air ambulance services, the EC130 and AS350 Ecureuil models offer low operating costs while flying faster and further than ever before. Bell and Agusta helicopters also make up a large majority of air ambulance rotorcraft fleets.

For more long range medical services, aerial ambulance programs depend on fixed wing aircraft. Ranging from twin engine, twin turbine and jet propelled aircraft, fixed wing air ambulances provide transport for high risk patients in a comfortable and private setting. In addition to professional air ambulance carriers, many patient airlift charities exist as well.

Aviation Insurance Resources (AIR) would like to thank the dedicated professionals piloting air ambulances and the paramedics who treat and monitor the patients in flight.  We assist this life-saving industry by shopping all of the aviation insurance markets to provide the best air ambulance insurance rates at the broadest coverage available. To support your air ambulance business, give AIR a call at 301-682-6200 or request a quote online today!