Navigating Aircraft Maintenance Insurance

There are a number of scientific principles that go into an aircraft to keep it in the air. Aside from aerodynamics and the physics of flight, there are actually people and companies dedicating their careers to keeping your aircraft flying. Those are the people at your local aviation maintenance center. And just like properly insuring an aircraft to protect your investment and liability exposures, aircraft maintenance facilities need the appropriate coverage to protect them from potential claims and financial hardship.

Premises Liability

Any business can be liable for simple bodily injuries such as a slip and fall on the sidewalk to more dramatic bodily injury and property damage. Premises liability is first priority for aviation businesses such as aviation maintenance facilities. Premises coverage protects the company and the claimant in cases of bodily injury and property damage in and around the insured property.

Products /Completed Operations Liability

A client has a new engine installed and expects all to be in working order when departing with their newly upgraded aircraft. What happens if something were to go wrong? Completed Operations/Product liability provides protection for losses or injuries arising out of a service you provided or product you have sold.

Hangar Keepers Liability

Aircraft owners take comfort in placing their aircraft in capable hands; however, sometimes accidents do happen. Perhaps an employee moved an aircraft to fit another aircraft in the maintenance hangar and the aircraft suffered some hangar rash. Hangar Keepers liability insurance protects a maintenance shop from liability when a non-owned aircraft is damaged while in your care, custody or control whether for storage and repair.

Building/Contents Insurance

Every maintenance shop needs a home base and a location to store valuable tools and equipment. Building and Contents insurance is exactly what it sounds like; it covers your structure and tools in the event of a loss.

Worker’s Compensation

Worker’s comp covers you in the event one of your mechanics is injured while on the job. An employee injury on the job can lead to costly medical expenses and loss of work. Aviation businesses such as maintenance shops, flight schools, FBO’s and corporate flight departments depend on aviation workers compensation insurance to properly safeguard the aviation related exposures of their business.

Safety First

A proper safety and training plan in the workplace can reduce the chance of a preventable mishap and claim. Discussing your plan for training with your aviation insurance specialist can help you secure the best terms for your department.

About Aviation Insurance Resources

Aviation Insurance Resources (AIR) has been assisting aviation maintenance centers in protecting their businesses for over 15 years and our agents average more than 30 years experience in the aviation industry. Cessna Pilot Centers, Cirrus Service Centers, Bombardier Service Centers and McCaully Prop Shops can depend on service with integrity and the broadest policy coverage. If your business focus is a small aircraft repair shop to a large jet center MRO or an avionics service center, AIR will match the best policy for you and the best available rates.

Aviation Insurance Resources provides a full range of aircraft insurance and aviation insurance products to fit each client’s needs. AIR represents all of the major insurance markets and offers the broadest package of protection and the best available rates. To learn more about the Aviation Insurance Resources and aviation maintenance shop insurance please call 877-247-7767 or visit today and receive your insurance quote! You can also follow AIR on FacebookTwitterLinkedIn, and Google+.

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