AIR FAQ – Aviation Premises Insurance

Q: Does my aircraft insurance policy include aviation premises coverage? I don’t own my hangar, I rent it from the local airport authority. If someone injures themselves inside the hangar, could I be held hangar 1responsible?

A: Aviation premises insurance comes into play if a person becomes liable for property damage or bodily injury in connection with the hangaring of an aircraft.  Aviation Insurance Resources (AIR) works with all of the major aviation insurance markets and a majority of them include premises liability automatically in their policy’s expansion endorsement. If it is not included, don’t worry! Aviation premises liability coverage can be added for as little as $500 a year with limits of up to $5 million liability!

If you are a hangar owner, a hangar insurance policy protects the building, contents and provides bodily injury liability coverage. Loss of business income, electronic equipment, tools, mobile equipment, fuel tanks and business personal property are additional coverages that can also be added. Coverage can even be issued even when the hangar is in the building stage!

If you are unsure of what coverage you require, ask the pilots and agents at AIR by calling 877-247-7767 or visiting today! You have a hangar to protect your aircraft, and you have AIR to protect YOU!

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