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Cirrus Aircraft InsuranceFounded in 1984, Cirrus Aircraft has carved its place in the aviation industry as a pioneer in aircraft comfort, safety, and innovation. Cirrus’ line of composite personal aircraft – the SR20, SR22 and turbocharged SR22T – incorporates advanced performance and electronic and safety technologies. The end results are some of the most unique and advanced aircraft on the market today.

  1. SR20: The SR20 is the plane that put Cirrus on the map. The company touts it as “the perfect dual-role airplane.” It is easily manageable for new pilots, yet perfectly suitable for business use.
  2. SR22: For more than a decade, the SR22 has been the best-selling aircraft in its class. This plane melds advanced technological innovation, exhilarating performances and unprecedented style.
  3. SR22T: “The SR22T adds the flexibility of an extra seat and worldwide weather, securing its place at the top of the single engine piston tree,” said Flyer UK’s Ian Seager.

The Cirrus website boasts that “When you become a Cirrus owner, you aren’t merely taking up a hobby; you are choosing a whole new lifestyle, one full of freedoms, choices and responsibilities unlike anything else.”

Cirrus Aircraft Insurance from Aviation Insurance Resources (AIR)

Licensed in all 50 states, AIR provides a wide range of aircraft insurance options for aircraft of all makes and models, from Cessna Aircraft to Robinson Helicopters to, of course, Cirrus Aircraft, like the SR20, SR22, and SR22T. Best of all, AIR represents all of the major aviation insurance markets, meaning we can offer you the broadest package of protection at the best available rates.

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