Pilot Spotlight: Kyle Grim, Skydiver turned Pilot

Kyle, tell us about how you got your start in aviation.

I was always the kid who wanted to be an astronaut. My teachers told me I had my head up in the clouds, but they didn’t have any idea how right they were! I was able to put myself through skydiving training by Kylepacking parachutes until my fingers bled, but once I finished my engineering degree I crammed my first few paychecks into a Cessna 152’s gas tank and the rest is history.

You regularly fly with your girlfriend, Tara. Why do you enjoy sharing aviation with others?

Flying with others is the best way to keep from taking things for granted. Little things like talking on the radio fascinate the uninitiated. It brings joy to all corners of the experience! Tara has been flying for a few years now, and even though she’s used to it she still points things out to me about the experience that I’m used to taking in stride. Also, taking passengers is a great way to keep from becoming complacent, as you find yourself worrying more for their safety than your own.

What was one of your most memorable flights?

My flight from Lantana (KLNA) airport in West Palm Beach back home to Frederick MD (KFDK) two Christmases ago gave me a run for my money. A 9-hour flight in my Rans turned into a 3-day adventure with 100 miles of Florida/Georgia beaches, sleeping on FBO couches, trading sandwiches for pre-heats and making new friends in aviation! Long distance VFR is always a challenge but that trip was one for the books.

What is the best piece of aviation related advice you have received?

An Israeli skydiving instructor once gripped my by both shoulders and yelled, “No more stupid!”

How did you first get in touch with your AIR friends, Jon and Victoria?

I first met Jon while taxiing past his open hangar in my 1st airplane, a 1/2 VW powered Preceptor Pup. I wanted to check out his Pitts and he wanted to check out the Pup! I met Victoria while she was making preparations for a women in aviation event in between hangars on our airport. AIR is fantastic because they’re pilots and they love their work.

Why do you trust your insurance to AIR?

I know that Jon and Victoria care about me as a person more than they care about my plane or my policy. I have no doubt that if I ever need to make a claim they’ll be more interested in making sure I’m OK than Kyle 2anything else.

Anything else you would like to share?

Being insured through AIR makes me feel free to enjoy my life in aviation! Just keep an eye out for those Florida thunderstorms.

Pilots Protecting Pilots

All agents at AIR are pilots or come from a strong background in aviation. When you call AIR, you will always find yourself talking to a person who is as excited about your aircraft as you are. As we did with Kyle’s Rans insurance and later his RV insurance, all of our agents at AIR will take your needs personally as if they were their own.

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